Roasted and ground coffee

This is another product with a unique quality, with the same roast and beverage standard.

This product was developed to the housewife to do the filtered coffee in the most traditional and old way, sending us back to the past.

“A new concept in quality coffee”

We highlight the citric sweet flavor that this extraction process causes at the end of the beverage.

Most usual types of roasted and ground coffee extraction:

Paper filter and electric coffeemaker: use the quantity of three tablespoons of roasted ground coffee for each 250 ml of water. Keep this proportion for bigger volumes of coffee.

French Press: the use of three soup tablespoons of coffee is recommended to make four cups of the beverage.

Espresso coffeemaker: use the proportion of two tablespoons of fine ground coffee to make two cups of the beverage.

Bialetti: it’s recommended to use one tablespoon of coffee for each cup of the beverage.

Tips for a high quality coffee:
  • Do not boil the water. It causes bitterness. Turn off the fire when the bottom of the recipient is full of little air bubbles. In this phase the temperature will be perfect, between 90 and 96 Celsius degrees.
  • Use the proper gridding for the type of your coffeemaker. This way you will avoid that your coffee gets bitter if grounded too thin or watered when too gross.
  • Make sure you check the date of roasting on the package to make sure the product is fresh. The Villa Borguesi Coffee is packaged with a valve system that guarantees its quality for six months. This way our clients will always taste the best freshness and quality that the beverage has to offer.

“Coffee is good for health”

Coffee has, in its composition, natural and benefic stimulants:

  • Recovers the mood
  • Strike tiredness
  • Stimulates the state of alert
  • Improves memory
  • Increases the level of attention and the cognitive function