Who we are

Established in 1994, the Jannuzzi Roasting was born with the commitment of making its founder’s highest dream come true: to produce a high quality coffee.

Starting with the selection of the finest beans produced on the major Brazilian regions and coherent with its objectives, the Jannuzzi Roasting started to successfully support the demanding market appreciator of PREMIUM coffees.

The passion for quality and incessant search for excellence resulted in a product that became one of the majors’ national

Our mission is to redeem the Brazilian Coffee Nobleness

With more than 25 years of experience and competency in the special coffees roast, the Jannuzzi Roasting is nowadays a symbol of the Brazilian coffee’s new directions. Due its high level of professional commitment and its constant search for quality, we could not expect another result but a product that delivers a real coffee experience: The Villa Borghesi Coffee.

Excellence is acquired with time and persistence. Knowing a little bit of The Villa Borghesi Coffee is feeling the flavor of tradition, dedication and pioneering.
Villa Borghesi Coffee: premium quality and unique blend.
The true coffee experience

President’s words

Roasting is one of the most important steps in high quality coffee elaboration.

It is responsible for preserving quality blend attributes, such as aroma, flavor, sweetness, velvety, body, etc.. JANNUZZI ROASTING developed an exclusive bean processing system which today is a benchmark for medium roast standards.

20 years of hard work in developing techniques for high quality coffee bean roasting, can only make JANNUZZI ROASTING proud of having VILLA BORGHESI coffee as fruit of this work.

Marcos Jannuzzi
President / Founder