Whole bean roasted coffee

Cultivated in the best coffee producer regions, The Villa Borghesi coffee offers to its appreciators a perfect balance between AROMA, BLEND and SMOOTHNESS, which are relevant, attributes to a perfect cup of coffee tasting.

In each harvest, the beans are carefully selected and then sent to the crucial phase regarding to the aroma and flavor, and maybe the most important phase of the whole process: the roast.

“Only the passion of an artist can perfectly extract the purest combination that these beans can offer. This is, undoubtedly, our major treasure”

The roast

Drinking a cup of coffee can bring different feelings. Depending on the beans origin and how they are roasted, the aroma and flavor traits are revealed. The beans selection and the correct roast will determine the beverage standard, however only the experience can guarantee quality and perfection.

The Jannuzzi Roasting developed an exclusive beans processing system , allowing not only the bean’s physical-chemical characteristics preservation , but also that coffee is packaged with any manual contact and right after the roast process , guaranteeing all the freshness and pureness.

Premium Coffee

It started to be developed in the 90’s and has been set as a Brazilian coffee differentiator. Nowadays the Brazilian Premium coffee is one of the best Premium coffees of the world. The Villa Borghesi Coffee also was born in the 90’s therefore it is one of the most experimented coffees of this new phase.

The certification

The Jannuzzi Roasting attends to all requirements of a responsible and concerned company with the environment and that is why it is certified by the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

“The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE mission is to protect ecosystems, people and wild life, transforming the practices of the soil usage, the business practices and the consumer’s behavior”